John Adamski, PhD

Fordham Math 1700-R01: Mathematical Modelling, fall 2022

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1Th 9/1Welcome, Ch.1 Introduction to Discrete Dynamical Systems
2W 9/72.1 Some Linear ModelsPython: Simple Iterative Equation (txt)
3Th 9/82.2 Linear Equations and their SolutionsHomework 1 due 9/15, Solutions
4M 9/122.3-4 Homogeneous Equations and Solutions of Nonhomogeneous Equations
5Th 9/152.5 Applications of Non-Homogeneous EquationsHomework 2 due 9/26, Solutions
6M 9/192.6 Dynamics of Linear Equations
7Th 9/222.7 Emperical Models and Linear Regression
8M 9/263.1 Some Non-Linear ModelsHomework 3
9Th 9/29Review 2.5-7Practice Exam 1, Solutions
10M 10/3Exam 1 (Ch. 2)Solutions
11Th 10/63.2 Autonomous Equations and their Dynamics
12Th 10/133.2 Autonomous Equations and their Dynamics
13M 10/173.3 Cobwebbing, Derivatives, and Dynamics
14Th 10/203.4 Some Mathematical Applications
15M 10/243.5 Periodic Points and Cycles
16Th 10/273.6 Parameterized Families
17M 10/31Review
18Th 11/3Exam 2 (Ch. 3)
19M 11/74.1 Some Linear Systems Models, 4.2 inear Systems and their Dynamics
20Th 11/104.3 Some Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
21M 11/144.4 Stability and Eigenvalues
22Th 11/174.6 Comple Numbers and their Arithmetic
23M 11/214.7 Complex Eigenvalues
24M 11/284.8 Non-Homogeneous Systems
25Th 12/1Introduction to Holomorphic Dynamics
26M 12/5Introduction to Holomorphic Dynamics
27Th 12/8Review
M 12/19Final Exam (Ch. 2-4)