John Adamski, PhD

Fordham Math 1100-R07: Finite Mathematics, fall 2022

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1F 9/27.1: Sets
2Tu 9/67.2: Applications of Venn Diagrams
3F 9/97.3: Introduction to Probability
4Tu 9/137.4: Basic Concept of Probability
5F 9/167.5 Conditional Probability
6Tu 9/207.5 Conditional Probability continuedWritten Homework 1, Solutions
7F 9/23Review of probability formulas so far
8Tu 9/277.6: Bayes' TheoremWritten Homework 2, Solutions
9F 9/307.6 Bayes' Theorem continued
10Tu 10/4ReviewPractice Problems for Exam 1, Solutions
11F 10/7Exam 1 (7.1-6)Solutions
12Tu 10/118.1: The multiplication Principle; Permutations
13F 10/148.2: Combinations
14Tu 10/188.3: Probability Applications of Counting Principles
15F 10/218.4: Binomial probability
16Tu 10/258.5: Probability distributions; Expected ValueWritten Homework 3, Solutions
17F 10/288.5 continued
18Tu 11/19.1: Frequency Distributions and Measures of Central Tendency
19F 11/49.2: Measures of VariationStandard deviation with Google Sheets
20Tu 11/89.3: Normal DistributionWritten Homework 4, Solutions
21F 11/119.3 continued
22Tu 11/15ReviewNormal Probability Table
23F 11/18ReviewPractice Problems for Exam 2, Solutions
24Tu 11/22Exam 2 (8.1-5, 9.1-9.3)Solutions
25Tu 11/295.1: Simple and Compound Interest
26F 12/25.2: Future Value of an AnnuityWritten Homework 5, Solutions
27Tu 12/65.3: Present Value of an Annuity; Amortization
28F 12/9ReviewFinancial formulas flowchart, Formulas that will be provided on the Final Exam
Tu 12/13Optional Review Session: 9:30-11am, JMH 406 [Recording of Review Session]Review Exercises, Solutions
F 12/16Final Exam: 9:30-11:30am, FMH 312Solutions