John Adamski, PhD

Fordham Math 1108-R11: Math for Business Finite, fall 2022

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1Th 9/15.1: Linear inequalities in two variables
2W 9/75.2: Systems of linear inequalities in two variables
3Th 9/85.3: Linear programming in two dimensions
4M 9/123.1: Simple interest
5Th 9/153.2: Compound interest
6M 9/193.3: Future value of an annuity
7Th 9/223.4: Present value of an annuity; amortization
8M 9/263.4: Present value of an annuity; amortization continuedFinancial formulas flowchart
9Th 9/29ReviewPractice Exam 1, Solutions
10M 10/3Exam 1 (5.1-3, 3.1-4)Solutions
11Th 10/67.2 Sets
12Th 10/137.3 Basic counting principles
13M 10/177.4 Permutations and combinations
14Th 10/208.1: Sample spaces, events, and probability
15M 10/248.2: Union, intersection, and complement of events; Odds
16Th 10/278.3: Conditional probability, intersection, and independence, I
17M 10/318.3: Conditional probability, intersection, and independence, II
18Th 11/38.4: Bayes's Formula
19M 11/78.5: Random variables, probability distributions, and expected value
20Th 11/10Review
21M 11/14Exam 2
22Th 11/1710.2 and 10.3: Measures of Central Tendency and Measures of Dispersion
23M 11/2110.4: Bernoulli trials and binomial distributions
24M 11/2810.5: Normal distributions, I
25Th 12/110.5: Normal distributions, II
26M 12/5Review
27Th 12/8Review
Th 12/15Final Exam