John Adamski, PhD

Fordham Math 1203-R02/R03/R04: Applied Calculus I, spring 2023

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Lectures and Assignments

After each class, an online homework covering that day's material is assigned through WebAssign (WA) and should be completed before the next class. Approximately every two weeks, a take-home quiz will be assigned, posted below, and due two classes later.

ClassR02/R03 DateR04 DateTopicAssignment
1Th 01/19Tu 01/171.1 Functions and their Representations, 1.2 Combining and Transforming FunctionsWA 1.1, 1.2
2Mo 01/23Fr 01/201.3 Linear Models and Rates of ChangeWA 1.3
3Th 01/26Tu 01/241.5 Exponential ModelsWA 1.5
4Mo 01/30Fr 01/271.6 Logarithmic FunctionsWA 1.6, Quiz 1, Solutions
5Th 02/02Tu 01/312.1 Measuring Change, 2.2 LimitsWA 2.1
6Mo 02/06Fr 02/032.2 continued, WA 2.2
7Th 02/09Tu 02/072.3 Rates of Change and DerivativesWA 2.3, Quiz 2, Solutions
8Mo 02/13Fr 02/102.4 The Derivative as a FunctionWA 2.4
9Th 02/16Tu 02/14Review: Problems, Solutions, Desmos demo, R02 recording, R03 recording
10Tu 02/21Fr 02/17Exam 1 (all sections listed above), Solutions
11Th 02/23Fr 02/243.1 Shortcuts to Finding Derivatives, 3.2 Introduction to Marginal AnalysisWA 3.1
12Mo 02/27Tu 02/283.2 continuedWA 3.2
13Th 03/02Fr 03/033.3 The Product and Quotient RulesWA 3.3, Quiz 3, Solutions
14Mo 03/06Tu 03/073.4 The Chain RuleWA 3.4
15Th 03/09Fr 03/103.5 Implicit Differentiation and LogarithmsWA 3.5
16Mo 03/20Tu 03/213.6 Exponential Growth and DecayWA 3.6
17Th 03/23Fr 03/244.1 Related RatesWA 4.1, Quiz 4, Solutions
18Mo 03/27Tu 03/284.2 Maximum and Minimum ValuesWA 4.2
19Th 03/30Fr 03/314.3 Derivaives and the Shapes of CurvesWA 4.3
20Mo 04/03Tu 04/044.3 continuedQuiz 5, Solutions
21Th 04/13Tu 04/11Review: Study Guide, Practice Problems, Solutions
22Mo 04/17Fr 04/14Exam 2 (sections 3.1-6, 4.1-3), Solutions
23Th 04/20Tu 04/185.1 Cost, Area and the Definite IntegralWA 5.1
24Mo 04/24Fr 04/215.2 The Fundamental Theorem of CalculusWA 5.2
25Th 04/27Tu 04/255.4 Integration by SubstitutionWA 5.4
26Mo 05/01Fr 04/285.4 continued
27 Tu 05/02Review: Practice Problems, Solutions
**Fr 05/05Fr 05/05Optional review session/extended office hours, 1:00-3:00 pm in JMH room 112
**Tu 05/09Tu 05/05Optional review session/extended office hours, 2:00-4:00 pm pm in JMH room 112
****Final Exam, Solutions